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417px-Bundesarchiv Bild 137-004055, Eger, Besuch Adolf Hitlers

Adolf Hitler was Fire Lord for 13 years. He invaded several nations during his reign.

History Edit

Adolf Hitler took the throne after his father... who will be nameless for now. Hitler started the Secret Great War. During the 10 years of his reign, he has invaded many nations but during the last three years in his reign, the nations invaded the Fire Nation itself and when the Nations broke through the city, Hitler escaped and swears to invade Avatar Wiki, Foamipedia, Canada (because of giving him ham instead of Canadian ham) and United States (for invading his nation, duh!)

Today, he has started a conspiracy that the National Conspiracy Department of Ba Sing Se has discovered. Hitler is now planning a secret war.

The secret war involved the Invasion of Avatar Wiki, through the Earth Kingdom's vast fields, a lightning war in the Water Tribe and the Invasion of Canada and U.S. The Invasion of Avatar Wiki was unsuccessful, thanks to the stupid anti-vandalism users there.

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