"Hey man, pass me another joint."
―An Air Nomad proverb
" has six legs...the flying dildo...flies...I love you..."
―A stoned Air Nomad
"Get a job you fucking hippie!"
―A Fire Nation soldier before he brutally murders an Air Nomad
"Well, if there is one good thing the Fire Nation has done these last hundred years, its killing those fucking hippies off."
―A random dude

A group of typical Air Nomads

The Air Nomads more commonly known as the Air Hippies are bunch of peaceful marijuana-obsessed hippies that lived over a hundred years ago until the Fire Nation did the world a favor and killed them all off in a genocide. The Air Hippies were famously known for living all around the world and contributing nothing to it. Hell, the only useful purpose the Air Hippies served was serving as targets since both China and the Fire Nation legalized "Air Hippie Hunting". Aang, the current Avatar hails from the Air Hippies. The Air Hippies also practiced the divine art of whatever the hell that other bending is called.

History Edit

A hundred years ago, the Air Hippies were thriving and living and getting stoned and being hated by every sensible person in the world. One day, the Fire Nation got bored and they decided to take over the world since they could bend freakin' fire and fire is freakin' awesome and owns every other element. So the Fire Nation waited till the great comet came so they could use it to give their THE BADASS ELMENTbending army a serious level up (just ignore the fact that a comet is made of ice and rock). With the comet, the Fire Nation army entered an UBER 1337NESS stage and they set off to take over the world. Before they could do such a thing though, they had to kill the Avatar who was currently residing in the one of the Air Hippie temples/grow houses. The Fire Nation headed over to one of the Air Hippie temples and since the Air Hippies were a bunch of stoned peaceful morons, they just let the Fire Nation come right on in. After the Fire Nation military got in, they demanded the Air Hippies to tell them where the Avatar is. One of the hippies informed the Fire Nation that the Avatar ran away a few hours earlier and they just missed him. The Fire Nation then thanked the hippies for the information and were about to leave when they realized they could take this time to fucking rid of the world of these annoying ass hippies once and for all. So yeah, the Fire Nation proceeded to kill off all of the Air Hippies in a genocide and everyone was happy.

Appearance Edit

Male Air Hippies tended to have long shaggy beard and smell like complete shit since they didn't believe in personal hygiene. Same with the females for the most part.

National Emblem Edit

The "national" emblem of the Air Hippies was the Marijuana leaf. Go figure.

The national emblem of the Air Nomads