Air tornado
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Air hippos Bison

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Airbending more commonly known as whatever the hell that other element is calledbending is one of the four bending arts. Whatever the hell that other element is calledbending is a scared art to the Air Hippies and it allows them to control that stuff we breath. Though it is overall lame, there are some epic moves to it. You can fly using a glider by moving the air currents or some stupid reason. You can float in a mini-torndo or make a all powerfull real tornadoes.


Not much is know about the History of Airbending because nobody every really cared. All that we do know is that they learned it from a flying hippo bison.

Airbending stanceEdit

Airbending has a lot to do with circles. No, we don't know why. But we guess it has something do with how the hippies were always moving in circles, but that might be because they are high.

Airbending MovesEdit

  • Air Tornado-This is a EPIC move that only avatars can do. They make a freakin' tornado.
  • Mini Tornado- A still-epic move that lets the guy float, for a pic see the infobox
Air Swipe
  • Air Swipe- An awesome move in general, it is really precise and cut through your body