Ash: "Oh my gosh! Look, a wild Pikachu! I must capture it with my pokeball!"
Random person: "That's a rock you idiot."
— Ash talking with someone

Ash Ketchum was some insane lunatic idiot from the Earth Kingdom who was most likely a homosexual. His passion in his life was traveling around the Earth Kingdom so he could capture "Pokemon" with his "Pokeballs". Sadly, due to Ash's mental disorder, he was completely unaware that he was really trying to "capture" wild animals by throwing a rock at them. Through his traveling though, he became quite well known in his country, which was great since Ash was quite an entertaining person to watch. Ash, surprisingly, also had some traveling buddies, but they were idiots like him for the most part. One of his buddies was a pervert known as Brock and the other was a girl named Dawn. He also used to travel with some girls known as Misty and May but they left Ash eventually because he apparently couldn't control his hormones.