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Chiyo, some human super computer
Biographical information

She's a nomad



Physical description

Did You think to look at the picture?

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Look at the picture

Eye color

Information absent.

Personal Information

The wimps in the Earth Kingdom, Water tribe, Air Hippies, Koyomi Mizuhara


Firelord Bush, Fire Nation, Your mom, Tomo Takino

Weapon of choice


Chronological and political information

An everything scientist!!


Did you freakin' read above?


Japan, Canada, Earth Kingdom(depending on the ruler), Yen Press, ADvision

Chiyo Mihama was an Avatar. She is by far the smartest Avatar who ever lived. Even Mike and Bryan admit that her intelligence surpasses that of Bumi's fake Intelligence Quotient and also totally kicks Bumi's ass.


Stupid TomoEdit

Her kindness was taken advantage of by the evil Earth Queen Tomo Takino at least 74 times. She accomplished an amazing feat by not entering the UBERPWNAGE State in this stress. But that doesn't mean Chiyo never got SWEET REVENGE!!! It is a little known fact that Yoshi was a paid assassin hired by Chiyo to make Tomo pay dearly for her foolishness.

Hippie educationEdit

She taught the Air Hippies the ways of peace and baking(You know, the food kind). She often fell asleep in class, but on one fateful day, some dumbass woke her from her nap. Then she finally blasted the damn nation. It blew ever hippee of the nation except the dumbass. Then the dumbass crapped himself to death from fear.

PWNing Your NationEdit


  • She invented the first ever Kotatsu which was powered by Firebending which gained her an alliance and benefits from the Earth Kingdom during Earth Queen Ayumu Kasuga's rule.
  • She utilized Airbending to give herself the ability fly with her pigtails. No Avatar has been able to mimic this amazing technique.
  • She invented the dreaded destruction method known as"Blast your nation" which she used to destroy the Fire Nation during bush's rule.
  • This was used as a last resort because Chiyo tried her best negotiate with bush to end the Iraq Earth Kingdom War but he wouldn't budge because of the stubborn nature that monkeys have.