"Welcome to the Fire Nation, the home of PURE EVIL!"
―A Fire Nation welcome guide
"BOOOOOOOO, YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
―An Earth Kingdom citizen

The Fire Nation aka THE BADASS ELEMENT Nation, also known as ,Japan, is one of the four nations of the Avatarverse and it is where all the EVIL BAD GUYZ live. For the last hundred years, the Fire Nation has been waging war with the other nations since they're EVIL and BAD and... yeah, you get the point. The Fire Nation has everything required to be the EVIL BAD GUYZ, they wear red, they shoot fire (now referred to as THE BADASS ELEMENT) out of their hands, and they have a army that looks really badass, but can't fight for shit. Also to complete their evil image, they have advance technology such as metal ships and tanks and airplanes and they also invented the internet and anime. The Fire Nation is ruled with an iron fist by their Emperor Fire Lord and his job is to pretty much sit around and look REALLY EVIL by sitting in a room surrounded by fire, since fire is evil. The capital of the Fire Nation is conveniently called the Fire Nation Capital since the creators had no reason to give the city any depth whatsoever and the Fire Nation is where the scared art of THE BADASS ELEMENTbending is practiced. The Fire Nation invades other nations on a monthly basis, they usually win even with their sucky army. The reason they win so much is because the nation sucks, or the people suck, or the people don't care and lack an army, navy, and decent weaponry.

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