Fire Nation Solider Number 45
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Useless soldier


Useless soldier


Fire Nation

Fire Nation Soldier Number 45 better known as the Nameless Fire Nation soldier who shot a fireblast at Aang, but missed and then gets knocked down by Aang was a Fire Nation soldier who got knocked down by Aang. Yeah, that's all. That was his greatest achievement in life, getting knocked down by Aang.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

He wanted to become a lawyer, but sadly the universe didn't give a shit about his dream, so he ended up in the Fire Nation military.

Meeting the Avatar Edit

One day, Fire Nation Soldier Number 45's boss, Zuko, captured Aang, but then Aang escaped. While Fire Nation Soldier Number 45 was patrolling, he ran into Aang. He shot a fireblast at Aang to take him out, but then Aang jumped over him and knocked him down. Sucks.

Death Edit

Not much is known about what happened to this worthless dude after getting knocked down by Aang, but it is assumed he was eventually killed by a squirrel or something.

Legacy Edit

Fire Nation Solider Number 45 will always be remembered for the fact that Aang, the Avatar, knocked him down. We also think Number 45 had a really hot older sister too.