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  • Fire Nation Soldier Number 45's sister began dating Haru. Sources say this is Haru's pathetic attempt to gain more attention from the Avatar fandom.
  • Today, Ozai burn some anon's face off. Better make an account so you can save your face.
  • Some guy came here the other day, but nobody cares. To say the truth, he is a total n00b and we enjoy talking behind his back on IRC. However, he isn't as bad as Zuko.
  • God, better known as Foamy gave birth to magical place known as Foamipedia. Help let our greatness expand through the net, so get editing.

Did you know...

  • … that we love you?
  • … that Zutara isn't canonical?
  • … that Iroh has gotten in bed with just about every girl in the Avatar world?
  • … that you should vote for Ozai in the next presidential election?
  • … that Foamipedia needs more contributors and you should start editing here or we'll burn your nation? Also tell your friends, if you even have any, about us.

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Fire Lord Mario also known as Mario the Badass was a Fire Lord who ruled over the Fire Nation during the era of Mario the Badass. He is considered one of the most prominent and influential Fire Lords in the history of the Fire Nation. An amazing adventurer, genius doctor, and brilliant military stagiest, Fire Lord Mario made many great gains for the Fire Nation during his rule. Mario, like most other Fire Lords, was a huge fan of burning some nations to ground and it was an activity that he loved to do weekly. Mario's firebending was (more...)

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Hakoda chillin'.

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Iroh: "Hello, ladies..."
Ladies: "Hello, Grandmaster Iroh"
Iroh: "Alright, my bedroom...who first?"
— We believe that no explaination is required, if you need one...see a doctor

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    Okay..I am sure you have all noticed that there aren't many people around Foamipedia. So, go tell all your friends (if you have any) to come here and help out. And being part of this community means getting great rewards! So, if you want the following just Click Here!

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    Our New Main Page

    August 5, 2009 by The avatar

    Hey guys, as you can obviously tell we have a new main page. It took me a bit to finish it,but I am finally done. Hopefully, this one will be more interactive and friendlier then our previous one. If you got any questions just ask on my talk page. Also, the wiki now has more than 60 articles and mo…

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    August 5, 2009 by The avatar

    Hello everyone and welcome to Foamipedia. We here are the official Avatar Humor wiki, if you're a n00b then go read these.

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    • and all this

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