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Earth Kingdom



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Bad boy


No one cares

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messy brown

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Freedom Sqaud Of Juestice


Fire Nation

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Hook Swords

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Run of the Mill Badass


Rebel Leader (Formely)



Team Avatar

Freedom Sqaud of Justice

Jet is your average damn sexy bad boy character who turns out to be a raving lunatic. Jet leads his own little posse of rebels known as the Freedom Squad of Justice and their main goal is to make the Fire Nation their bitch. Jet has an addiction to smoking wheat and he likes to spend his days trying to be as badass as he can possibly be. He is one of the many guys that has attempted to get into bed with Katara(CUZ HE LIKES HIGH SCHOOL WATER TRIBE GIRLZ AND STUFF!!), but he failed overall since he came down with a bad case of death.

History Edit

Seeing the burning of his village Edit

When Jet was a young lad of 8, he had the unfortunate experience of seeing the Fire Nation burn down his village. They raped every woman in the village, killed every man, and stole every item from the local Wal-Mart. After that, they covered the place with gasoline and Axe and lit it on fire. In short terms, Jet's village got OWNED HARD. Apparently the Fire Nation had plans for a gay bar in the exact spot that Jet's village was located, so they had burn the place down. Of course, Jet didn't like this one bit,(because He's a MEGA HOMOPHOBE!) so he made it his goal to become the sexy badass kid who held a deep-seated grudge against the Fire Nation that would eventually drive him insane. Over the years, Jet began forming a new posse called the Freedom Squad of Justice since no badass can be without a posse. When Jet finally reached the perfect level of badassness and sexyness, he went back to the Fire Nation gay bar to exact revenge on the FN for burning down the village. Every unforunate soul that was at the gay bar that night experienced a painful death at the hands of the Freedom Squad of Justice and their personal shit was sold on Ebay so the Freedom Squad of Justice could fund their beer runs.

Meeting the Chosen One Avatar Edit

Several years after Jet got his revenge on the poor Fire Nation gays, he ends up meeting Aang, the Avatar and his adventuring group. That Sukka named Sokka, being the comic relief guy that he is, decided to lead the Gaang into a Fire Nation military camp for entertainment value. The Fire Nation, realizing they need to keep their EVIL BAD GUYZ image, got ready to brutally murder Aang, Sokka, and Katara. While the Fire Nation commander is annoucing his evil plan to kill them, Jet and his crew appear out of nowhere and begin saving the day. Unfortunately for the Fire Nation, the stormtrooper effect prevents them from being an effective fighting force so they were all killed in a matter of seconds, though Nickelodeon would like to say otherwise.