Biographical information

Savage Cannibal Water Tribe


14 and she's lookin' FINE!

Physical description

Female, we checked


We'll get to this eventually.

Hair color

For all you stupid people out there, it's brown

Eye color


Personal Information

Aang and friends.


Those dudes who are evil

Weapon of choice

Wet stuff

Fighting Style(s)

Got a little wet stuff to wipe out at you

Chronological and political information

Aang's "mommy", getting paired up with every character in the Avatar universe, Wet stuffbender, Sokka's bitchy sister.


I am not writing it all out for you again!


The good guyz!

Katara is one of the members of the famous adventuring group the Gaang. She is a teenage wet stuffbender and hails from those savages that live in the south pole, the Southern Water Tribe. She originally was your average wet stuffbender that sucks, but thanks to the miracles of being a main character and godmodding, she became a super-badass person in like two weeks or something... damn. She is also brother of comic relief character and resident Water Tribe pimp Sokka. She and her brother found Aang at the beginning of the show and since every famous hero needs some sidekicks, Aang decided to take them along on his epic quest to PWN the Fire Nation. Katara is your standard optimistic self-righteous strong and bitchy female lead character. She also is hot and let's face it, you can't have a GOOD SHOW without a hawt female lead. Oh yeah, Avatar also obviously has NO FEMALE FANS whatsoever... Katara is also the unfortunate object of many whacked out Avatar shippers. She is shipped with just about every damn character in the show, among those characters being Aang, Zuko, Foamy, Toph, Azula, Mai, Pakku, Ty Lee, Sokka, Combustion Man, Ozai, Iroh, Jun, Bato, Hakoda, etc, etc. etc...  At the end of it all or whatever, she defeats Azula, goes out with Aang and who knows what after that... well, that is what the creators want you to think.

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