Makoto, an angry Karate girl.
Biographical information

She's Chinese Earth Kingdomese


We don't know, sorry

Physical description

Female we assume... looks like a male though

Hair color

Darkrai colored and stuff.

Eye color

Concentrate at the picture and You might see it but it's probably hopeless to do so because they're nearly black.

Personal Information

The wimps in the Earth Kingdom, Water tribe, Ryu


Firelord Bush, Ibuki, Your mom, Air Hippies

Weapon of choice


Fighting Style(s)

PWN-U- Rindoukan!!, Crush your nation

Chronological and political information

Karate instructer and Earth King


Did you freakin' read above?


She was a Earth Queen... I wonder what her affiliation was... hmmm..., Capcom

Makoto is an Earth Queen. She was the most violent Earth Queen in history. She loves beating n00bs to pulp with her fists. She has a history of banishing people who mistake her for a man. She is an enemy of former Fire Lord Ibuki and is married to Fire Lord Ryu. She taught Karate to the Earth Kingdom military but they rarely used it. This made Makoto very angry. So she proceeded to beat up the military and they used Earthbending Karate ever since. She was one of the most feared Earth Queens ever. But She did not like this image of fear. So she ran around the Earth Kingdom screaming "FEAR IS THE ENEMY!!!!!!!!!", then they suddenly loosened up for some reason. Some people even followed her around on her shouting journey. Some groups would say "Lets follow the yelling man around the Earth Kingdom. Makoto threatened to kill them upon hearing this and said "DO I LOOK LIKE A MAN TO YOU!?" and they said "Well, kind of..." , then she said "YOU'LL TAKE THAT BACK IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!!!" but they argued that fear is the enemy. Makoto suddenly calmed down and said "OH YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT!!!!! BUT DON'T CALL ME A MAN!! ANGRY PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS TO YOU KNOW!!!!!!!!!!"

Makoto versus Pikachu!!

Makoto occasionally goes into forests and wrestles with the Pikachus