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Mewtwo, The Ultimate Clone!!!!!!!!!!
Biographical Information

This psychopath is from the Fire Nation. Sucks to be them.



Physical Description



Didn't bother

Hair color

Is like bald.

Eye color

It has them

Personal Information

People who don't want to die.


Mew, Giratina, Those Sexist Bastards, <insert name here>

Weapon of choice

Blow your nation up Sukkas.

Fighting style(s)

Turn based Role Play Game style

Chronological and Political Information

Read the article stupid!!!!!!!!!


Pokemon/Did You read the article??


The Pokemon League, The Clone Troopers and other place hmmmm what's it called again? Read the article and You might find the answer.

Mewtwo is the first non-human Fire Lord and the most psychotic Fire Lord in history.


The BeginningEdit

A Pokemon Trainer went to a cave and found a psycho Pokemon called Mewtwo and threw a Master Ball at it. The trainer gave it the TM for flame thrower when they caught it.

Mewtwo used Flame Thrower to melt the Master Ball Keeping it inside.

Mewtwo escaped to his freedom in the Fire Nation and went on a rampage.

Gaining The ThroneEdit

The people saw it's incredible Fire abilities and claimed it Fire Lord. It then heads to the capital, stole the throne form the rightful heir, Mao Zedong, and forced the nation into a dictatorship reign.

It was then declared the Dragon King, because he killed several dragons.

The Dragonite AttackEdit

The use of this title offended many Dragonites, tribal leders with a similar name, across the land. Since almost all were human, they were offended when a..thing..took the throne. In an attempt to restore human power.

The Dragonites then proceeded to invade the Fire Nation.

"KILL THOSE N00BS OF THE F**KING F***ER NATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
―The Dragonites invading the Fire Nation.

They attacked several important places, that aren't important anymore. Mewtwo, trying to be a good guy tried to reason. When Mewtwo was fighting on the front lines, the tribes did a behind their back attack.The Fire Nation Palace was melted.

Mewtwo's RevengeEdit

Mewtwo then prodeeded to blow up their tribes. He was largely succesful and the enemies all died. Except for the Dragonites because they could FLY and simply just take over some other small defenseless tribe and send the poor saps packin' to Ba Sing Se.

Water tribe IssuesEdit

Mewtwo did not like the cheap, lame water tribe, and wanted to destroy them. Mewtwo decided to use "Blow up your nation" to destroy the Southern Water Tribe. Mewtwo used the Electrode Method.The southern Water Tribe simply formed together again because of the cold weather. Mewtwo blew it up several times before giving up.


Sadly, Mewtwo was later BITed(Yes, You heared perfectly well, BITed!) CRUNCHed, SHADOW BALLed, and SHADOW FORCE'd by Konata Izumi which resulted in Mewtwo's death... Bummer.....



Mewtwo is like, a friggin' nutcase and always gets angry when people call him Mewtwo a man.




Mewtwo was one of the few Fire Lords to use Blow up your nation.

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