The Pimp Order Order of the White Lotus is this group of old guys who play a board game, when they get bored they save the world, smuggle drugs, and help you jump the border. Their undisputed leader is the Pimp-Master General, and PWNs. There order is based around being a pimp a board game called, Pai Sho. However, you don't need to know how to play the game, you just need access to drugs. That is how many members including Bumi got in.

The Pimp Order Order of the White Lotus has many secret establishments with a secret back door where drugs are smuggled and to discuss the ways of the pimp.

History Edit

The Order was founded a long time ago in a galaxy far far away by a bunch of scholars from all over the galaxy who were old and wanted to play Pai Sho and how to become populair with the ladies. From a club wich old masters could challenge one another on the Pai Sho table in exchange for the acient secrets of the way of the pimp, till the group the world knows or doesn't want to knwon since it's a secret group full of old guys who are playing a board game and pimpin every day.

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