Fire Lord Pikachu: "Thanks for giving me the locations of the rebel bases. You seem quite knowledgeable about them... were you ever a rebel?"
Fire Nation Civilian: "Yeah, once, but..."
Fire Lord Pikachu: "Die you bastard!"
— Pikachu dealing with a former rebel

Fire Lord Pikachu was Sozin's dad. He mistreated his son, which is why is son started the war. Fire Lord Pikachu was one of the worst Fire Lords in history, right next to Mario, his ancestor. During his reign, the Fire Nation destroyed hundreds of peaceful tribes. The only great thing he did was win the Fire Nation Civil War that his dad caused, but he won it harshly by killing every last rebel. He was one of the few Fire Lords capable of using lightning.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Pikachu was a gifted firebender from the beginning, and the world was at peace. Everything was great for him, except that his dad was a drunk and his mom died because she cheated on her husband got heat stroke. When Pikachu was fifteen a civil war broke out because his dad was a drunk dumbass who had no clue what he was doing. His dad eventually died because of liver failure and Pikachu took the throne at 17.

Reign Edit

Pikachu immediately seeked out the rebels and killed every last one, even peaceful ones who did nothing whatsoever. He also used strict government censoring (Yep, you couldn't even say "darn" on a Fire Nation television show anymore). This censoring caused many Fire Nation citizens to flee to the Earth Kingdom for "uncensored pleasure". Because of all this, his rule was known as the Reign of the Bloody Yellow.

Dethroning Edit

At one point Pikachu wanted to become stronger, wanted to get some more POW-UH. So he found a thunder stone and started "playing" with it. A few minutes afterwards, "What? PIKACHU is evolving!........*Music*........ *flash* *KABOOM* Congratulations! Your PIKACHU evolved into RAICHU!" When the people of the Fire Nation saw new Pikachu, they thought that he was a monster that ate Pikachu so all the firebenders proceeded to hurt him. Painfully.

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