Ryu, he does Hadouken
Biographical Information

This calm guy is from the Fire Nation.


Rumored to be 100 years old.

Physical Description

Did You look at he picture? Did You read the article?


Didn't bother

Hair color

Hmmmmm...... I wonder

Eye color

He has them

Personal Information




Weapon of choice

Hadouken, n00bs!

Fighting style(s)

The one that pwns You.

Chronological and Political Information

Did You find out yet?


Hmm.... I don't know....


Capcom, Earth Kingdom, Water Tribe, Air Hippies

Ryu is a Fire Lord. He is married Earth Queen Makoto. The Fire Nation made a powerful union of "love" with the Earth Kingdom.


Military DaysEdit

He was like, the pimpin' soldier in the Fire Nation Military.

Losing His PositionEdit

He lost his position when that stpuid ninja came and filled the military with a bunch of freakin' ninjas.


During this time, Ryu had become a fat, lazy, and n00by alcoholic. So pretty much his life totally sucked at this time.

Gaining The ThroneEdit


One day he decided to stop being a whiny n00b and got up to avenge Konata. He started his training by playing Steet Fighter but later saw it had no effect. That's when he started to do real exercise "by Shoryukening" his pawnching bag. After that he practiced his "Hadoukening" on cows and chickens which he later ate. At one point he found Ken drunk. He took this opportunity to practice his "Hurricane Kicks".

The battleEdit

After finishing his training he marched all the way from some screwed up shack in the Earth Kingdom to the Fire Nation palace where he pwned Ibuki with some "Hadouken and "Shoryuken". But sadly the Hurricane Kicks were never put to use. Many Fire Nation citizens was and laughed at their Fire Lord as she struggled.thumb|300px|left|The epic lulz of Ibuki's pwning was caught on tape.


One day he was challenged by the current Earth Queen. She thought that the Fire Nation sent a spy to assassinate her. thumb|300px|left|The battle!!!!!!

After a long battle they suddenly developed the hawts for each other and got married and lived happily ever after made a freaking epic union known as "The Firey-Earthy Kingdomnation or Fiearth Nationdom ro something like that".