Sokka Being Retarded
Biographical information

A pimp from da Water Tribe


He's 15 and already getting all the girls

Physical description

A mixture of being a pimp and a dumbass


Didn't take the time to find out

Hair color

Very sexy

Eye color

Even sexier

Personal Information

Aang, the Avatar, Iroh, the Grand Pimpmaster, a bunch of girls... some other idiots


The EVIL PEOPLE in the Fire Nation

Weapon of choice

His boomerang on the battlefield. His... you know... in bed

Fighting Style(s)


Chronological and political information

Pimp. Likes to think he is a warrior also.


Read above genius.


Gaang, The Pimp Academy, the Water Tribe, your mom

Sokka AKA The Worthless Comic Relief Character and A Pimp Named Sokka is a member of the famous adventuring group the Gaang. The only reason he is part of the group is because every famous adventuring group needs a comic relief character. Sokka also likes to think he is the warrior of the group, but Sokka really can't fight for shit and fails at being a warrior. While, Sokka may suck at being a warrior, he has mastered the art of being a pimp. It is estimated that Sokka has gotten laid by over 400 girls, among those girls are Yue and Suki. Sokka is also a pupil of the Grand Pimpmaster himself, Iroh. Sokka is from the South Pole and is disappointed that Santa Claus does not live there. It is also known that Sokka is too sexy for His shirt and even at one point too sexy for His Lemur, Momo even too sexy for Appa.

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