"Let's see what I need to do today. Brush my teeth. Check. Take a shower. Check. Take over the world..."
―Sozin reading his to-do list
Biographical Information

Fire Nation



Physical Description

Very old male


Last time we've checked one of us got their face burned off

Hair color

black grey like

Eye color

Amber angry

Personal Information




Weapon of choice

His bending

Fighting style(s)

Fire Bending

Chronological and Political Information

Fire Lord


He's dead now


Fire Nation


Evil people

Fire Lord Sozin was one of the many Fire Lords of the Fire Nation. Like many of his descendants, Sozin thought it would be cool to start a war. Back when Sozin was a kid, he was openly homosexual and his butt buddies was Avatar Roku. When he and Roku eventually grew apart, he wanted to forget everything about his past relationship with the Avatar so he became straight.


"Oh Roku, do it harder!"
―I don't think you need any more details

Sozin is this really old guy with a funny white beard. He had a gay relationship with his best friend, Roku, when they were kids. Later during his 30s or something, he wanted more POW-UH so Sozin asked Roku if he would be cool with him taking over the world. Roku being the party pooper that he was, said "Hell no!". 50 some years later, Roku and Sozin team up again to fight against a volcano (they wanted to look cool or something). During the fight, the volcano makes a cheapshot at Roku by getting him with some poisonous gas. Roku asks Sozin for some help, but Sozin goes "Uh... I hate to do this, but I am kinda going to desert you to take over the world. Hope you have no hard feelings buddy". 12 years later, Sozin goes on to start a war and commit genocide against the Air Hippies. Sadly he failed to capture the next Avatar and goes on to die from a STD he caught from a hooker.

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