"OMG!!111 TY LEE IN A BIKINI!!!111 OMGF!!!11"
―An excited Avatar fan

The Beach is a crappy episode from the generally crappy EPIC Book 3: Fire. It sucks badly, but it has lots and lots of fanservice which pretty much makes up for the poor storyline and general pointlessness of the episode. Avatar fans like to "pleasure" themselves by watching this episode.

Synopsis Edit

Let's see, Zuko and The League of Evil Bitches go on a vacation to Ember Island. When they arrive, they find out they're staying with two fucking ugly VERY SEXY old women. Meanwhile, Aang and friends are swimming and having fun and crap and then the Fire Nation catches them and they are like "Oh God, the Avatar is alive, better tell daddy Ozai!". Azula, Ty Lee, emo boy and his pointless girlfriend do some shit, then they go to a party, and then they do some more shit, and then leave the party. Later, they reveal some crap about their lives that none of the viewers care about and then they go fuck up some dude's house. Poor dude, he probably got in trouble with his parents.

Production Notes Edit

  • This episode sucks, but has fanservice. Yeah.
  • Originally notes contained material where Mai Lies on the boys and looks at the beach - but apparently there was a cock-up then the director yelled CUT! The actor now convalesces at the Banyan Grove Tree

Trivia Edit

  • In the beginning, Aang is naked because it is Air Hippie nudist day.
  • Napoleon Dynamite hated this episode and even said it was worse than Uncle Rico's video.
  • Zuko cuts himself some.
  • Emo girl is pointless.
  • This episode was made due to the rule that every Television series must have pointless beach episode so people can see the cast in swimwear and stuff.
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