The Bitches

The Bitches get ready to kick ass

The League of Evil Bitches (also known as the Powerpuff Girls) is the group containing the two hottest girls in the Fire Nation, oh, and Mai. Next to Team Avatar and General George Bush and his Justice Squad, The League of Evil Bitches is the most powerful group in the world and pretty fucking invincible. Somehow they were able to sneak into Ba Sing Se with the crappiest disguises known to humankind, and take over the entire city behind Team Avatar's backs, even though they were in the city the entire time. Damn.

Even though fans are really pissed about them, well, killing the Avatar for a few seconds and what not, they still enjoy drawing screwed up sex scenes scenes of intimate friendship between Azula and Ty Lee, and drawing Ty Lee's tits to impress their creepy friends on DevientArt. Eventually, the justice league ended when Mai basically told Azula to go fuck herself, and then Ty Lee randomly decided to beat the living shit out of hre ass.


Reunited BitchesEdit

After getting her sorry ass kicked by Iroh, Azula went to Omashu to recruit Mai and Ty Lee. Because Mai's life was so wretchedly awful and she was unable to make a life as one of those ugly prostitutes, she joined immediately. To get Ty Lee to join Azula threatened to brutally murder her and her pink aura. To protect her and the greatest things Foamy has ever given to her, Ty Lee decided to join.

While Azula chased Aang around Omashu trying to rape his sorry ass, Mai and Ty Lee beat the shit out of Katara, but got their asses kicked by Appa and fell off a massive building, dying brutal deaths (they fell off a god damn building!) yet magically coming back to life. Meanwhile, Azula got her sorry ass owned by the biggest crack-head who ever lived. Why this didn't make her go crazy we'll never know.

Owning the Earth KingdomEdit

"Let's go kill the Zuko and Iroh because I hate their sorry asses. It don't matter that those stupid bitches are related to me, I just like burning people" just about sums it up here. Oh yeah, and Azula kills the Avatar after a long battle, but Katara brings him back to life, etc.

Fucking Off at a BeachEdit

All of the bitches and oh yeah, Zuko are emo for a bit, then they go crash some dude's party.

The Bitches Split UpEdit

Ty Lee beats the shit out of Azula and she and Mai are whisked off to a jail full of gay fags and crappy wardens. The end.