Some total idiotic Noob: "Uh...this fanon sucks."
Avatar: "Blocked!"
Some total idiotic Noob: "...Damn."
— A warning to any noobs

This is a fanon written by Avatar over at Avatar Wiki. It's about the new avatar, Mian, who wants world peace and all that crap. A new nation called the Phoenix Islands has been created, and it is ruled by a Phoenix King...sound familiar? Turns out the Phoenix Warriors are a bunch of racist bastards bent on destroying Canada and all it's inhabitants. Sucks.

So, the new avatar's gotta go do some PWNing with his team, since the rest of the world is too busy enjoying a new era of legalized drugs and prostitution. So, Team Strike goes around kicking some random Admiral's ass. However, they soon get their asses handed to them by the Klu Klux Klan Phoenix Warrior guys.

They decide to wear out their troubles by binge drinking over at some Air Nomad place. After brutally killing a group of KKK members during their annual Water Tribe marching parade, they sneak into the Islands and do a lot of wacky things with their new stalker friend, Hai.

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