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Tomo A!
Tomo, that stupid spazzy kid
Biographical Information

Earth Kingdom but You might have already knew that, right.



Physical Description




Hair color

It used to be long, but then it got cut.

Eye color

She has them

Personal Information

The Bonklers


Pretty much everyone.

Weapon of choice

A piece of paper that she claims to be a crystal lightsaber.

Fighting style(s)

RETARDED, a stupid excuse for Kung-F.U.

Chronological and Political Information

being an idiot


Earth Queen. Didn't You read the article?


Bakas everywhere

"Freakin' idiot!"
―Napoleon Dynamite
"Wow.. And My owner calls ME stupid!!!"
―A dog
"What an epic loser!"
―The Ultimate Loser
Tomo Takino is an Earth Queen. She is by far the most retarded Earth Kingdom ruler ever.
Tomo Kill!

Earth Queen Takino is preparing to kill some sorry n00b... Hold Me..........


She brought an era of hyperactivity during her awful reign.

The ShrineEdit

She made a shrine dedicated to Mine Fujiko during her reign. She held Former Earth Queen Koyomi Mizuhara captive so she could copy her schoolwork.

The Great Fire Flake RaidEdit

She invaded the Fire Nation once because she wanted to try some Fire Flakes. She always screams "LUPIIIIIIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!" before striking with her military. She succeeded in obtaining the Fire Flakes.

"Hmm..... I wonder if You could make any dirty puns with "Fire Flakes"...."
―Tomo trying to come up with a dirty pun


Her reign came to an end when she was eaten by Yoshi. She wasn't able to put up a fight.


Tomo is an evil torrent of energy. She is very evil and stupid. She loves cookies and spiced tea which she has for breakfast every day and teases people with her sick puns.

Trivia Edit

  • Tomo likes to call people stupid because it makes her feel better about what little intelligence she has.
  • She loves cookies if You catch the drift.
  • She has no Earthbending. Sad......
  • No one really knows how she was able to stay Earth Queen for so long without getting owned sooner.