"Hey, little asshat, what'd I say—what did I say about fucking with me?! That's right, don't pull your—I said do not pull your bullshit with me, little fucker! That's right, that's right, run away crying, ya smelly son'a bitch..."
―Toph, to little bunnies.
Toph Bei Fong
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Earth Kingdom



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No one botherd

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She doesn't use them

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Fire Nation

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Her feet

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Rock Bending

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The blind bandit

Being blind


Your nightmare


Team Avatar

Toph is basically the third most badass chick in the avatar universe (June is 2nd and no surprise Azula first) and Makoto's Earth Kingdom cousin. Toph is blind so she can not see with her eyes, but being a rockbender she can feel the world somehow(it's like vibrations or something). Which is a power that no one else has it makes her the best rockbender out there. She can pwn any one from n00bs to even Iroh once. Toph can also metalbend, which allows here to call herself the GREATEST rockbender every and get easy money by breaking into banks. She is super effective against water and fire as rocks pretty much come out of the ground and squish those benders. She is also super effective against anyone who can't bend as a rock to head is going to get them before they draw their weapons. Sand, ice and water kinda screw her over as she can't feel or swim. Because she's blind, airbenders have the ability to fly around and attack but their attacks can't really do any damage, not because she can beat the crap out of them it's because they suck in general. She loves tormenting people by forcing them to smell her feet, which is why she is always barefoot.

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