The Water Tribe aka Wet Stuff Tribe is one of the four nations of the Avatarverse. The members of the Water Tribe are a bunch of cannibal savages that like to eat each other nice people that are suffering under the awesome oppressive hand of the Fire Nation. Just like the Air Hippies, the Water Tribe is quite useless and they don't really serve any point, but atleast they aren't a bunch of damn hippies. Compared to the Earth Kingdom and definitely the Fire Nation, the Water Tribe totally sucks. Anyway, the people of the Water Tribe inhabit the north pole, south pole, and certain parts of Canada. Since they just happen to live in really FREAKIN' COLD areas (honestly, WTF?), people are constantly leaving the country to sneak into the Earth Kingdom causing a major illegal immigration problem for the Earth Kingdom. Wet stuffbending is practiced here.

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